Infographic: IOT and Mobile Developers

This infographic shows the interest mobile developers have in IoT moving into 2016, making it perfect for this introductory post.

The infographic below clearly shows that the majority of mobile/software developers (at least based on those who follow me, and took part in this survey) have a moderate to strong interest in hardware, or IoT.

I’ve had my own interest for some time now, but I delayed getting really involved until attending the Intel Innovator Summit in October. I was encouraged by a few outstanding Intel employees (Grace Metri and Michelle Chuaprasert in particular) who attended the summit; they offered a lot of support, and I was able to pick up an Edison and Arduino breakout board before leaving. From there, I have begun to become somewhat less noob-ish.

I started in tech (coding/mobile apps) as someone with no background in … well, anything remotely technical. I was a writer for years until, long story short, I died, got revived, then decided I needed a career change. I’d always been interested in programming, so I went and taught myself how to code. Along the way, I wrote tutorials, answered questions and generally got involved in the developer community – fast forward a few years and I’d made a career of it, with thousands of people learning to code with my support.

This is what I hope to do for IoT; make some new resources available that don’t presume any prior knowledge at all, except for the basics of using a computer. (I think that’s fair, since one wouldn’t be on this website otherwise.)

Take a look at the IoT infographic below, from a survey of mobile developers.

Peach Pellen - IOT & App Devs

From this, you can see the interest. It’s exciting, I’m excited by it – and much like coding, if you have a helping hand, it isn’t that hard to get a grip on the basics and move on to do some amazing things.

I look forward to helping you learn, as I learn myself, and I welcome any and all feedback, requests, comments, etc. that you’d like to share; you can use the comment box below or reach out to me on Twitter.

Stay tuned for my next post, which will cover what supplies you’ll need to get started.

Peach Pellen